MyNCRE is in production

I've flipped the switch and sent MyNCRE totally into production mode.

I'm nervous, I'll admit.

For months we had been developing in a half-production mode. The whole deployment on was in production, but the database settings were using the development database. Really, the only change I made today was changing over to the production database.

That didn't go entirely smoothly. The cookie storing people's login information was inconsistent with the production database, which caused some issues. I need to change the way the cookie is handled anyway. Fortunately, this affects four or five people instead of hundreds or thousands.

So far that's the only bug. Now it's time to start adding new features again. The technically inclined will like the 'blog this', more feeds, and OpenID features I have planned. Everyone wil get a kick out of Land Brokr; it's disruptive beyond Google Maps.

No, seriously, watch out for Land Brokr. Now it's simple and small (and not live), but in two months it will be simple and amazing. Those who know me know that I don't get excited about anything, but Land Brokr is exciting.


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