Yesterday Phil reminded me of an important feature that I had only half-implemented: condos.

I finished that off today. The part I'm unsure about is how the map will handle them. I'm using Google's tabbed info windows, but those can only support three tabs. Yahoo! and I had a discussion about it a while back without much resolution.

In order to support tabbed info windows I had to restructure lots of the code. Through this I re-discovered something that I discover every time I use JavaScript: there are no good JavaScript docs.

All I wanted to know was what methods I can use on a hash. I tried searching the Web: nope. I tried the Galeon JavaScript console: nope. I tried the ECMAScript spec: nope.

My solution was to wrap it in a Script.acu.lous hash constructor, since I know how to use one of those. Of course, I don't know how to use that via documentation; I read the fine source code for that bit of knowledge. For the record:

The constructor: $H : hash -> Hash


  • each : ([a,b] -> void) -> void
  • keys : -> [String]
  • values : -> [a]
  • merge : hash -> Hash
  • toQueryString : -> String
  • inspect : -> String

(I know I'm linking to documentation that shows me how to use Scriptaculous hashes, but I had an impossible time finding that constructor. With a name like $H, it's going to be hard to find.)

The Ganz brothers, Phil and Jason, have totally fallen in love with this new blogging thing they've discovered. It's actually a blessing that they're so new to it: the lessons they learn and difficulties they have will help a lot in designing the super-disruptive version of Land Brokr. The first thing I see is that a blog editor clearly needs a mandatory grammar and spelling checker…


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  1. therealestateceo
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    your atricle rocks

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  1. […] I attended a party last night at the Ritz Carlton celebrating the development 288 south beach style condos (60 percent glass, 40 percent white) on Revere Beach ,MA. The prices ranges from 500k and 1 million plus with your car insurance going up the same. The developer was also trying to sell me a 50,000 Honda civic but I was not interested. He had the right idea have no food and serve only one drink all vodka with a splash of blue fruit punch that would get you so drunk after your second one that you swear your in South Beach. The evening was capped off with me getting accused of stealing an extra towel. I can not blame them they thought this was Revere. […]

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