Watermarking Photos using Ruby

The task: take a source photo of any size and overlay transparent text atop it. This is useful for asserting to the world that the image is yours (which it sometimes is).


Mike Burns undressing after a long day of work.


Mike Burns undressing after a long day of work, watermarked

First, some configurables:

IMAGE_FILE_NAME =  '/usr/home/mike/pictures/c4rt.jpg'
OVERLAY_FONT =  '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fontsbitstream-vera/Vera.ttf'
OVERLAY_STRING =  "Copyright #{Date.today.year} Mike Burns"

For this task I used the GD library. Step one, suck in the image:

i =  GD::Image.new_from_jpeg(IMAGE_FILE_NAME)

Step two: overlay the string:

i.stringTTF(GD::Image.trueColorAlpha(#cccccc, 64), OVERLAY_FONT, i.width * 0.05, OVERLAY_ANGLE, i.width / 4, i.height * 3/4, OVERLAY_STRING)

Step three: save the image:

File.open(IMAGE_FILE_NAME,'w') { |f| i.jpeg(f,100) }
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