Monthly Archives: June 2007

My Rails Development Environment, version 2: Scribes, Nautilus, and gnome-terminal

On a whim I tried Scribes for a day. It’s not terrible: autosaving, keyword completion, templates, syntax highlighting, and a sleek look. There’s a lot I miss from vim, but after two weeks of Scribes I’m mostly adjusted. (I really, really, really look forward to the autosave misfiring fix.) At first I thought I couldn’t […]

My Rails Development Environment, version 1: vim and screen

Lately I’ve changed the way I manage the code on my Rails projects; this is the overview on how I did it for the past two years. I’ve used vim since my first programming job eight years ago. I’ve use it for email, papers, programming, notes—anything. I instinctively hit escape when I finish typing; my […]