Monthly Archives: October 2007

Spider bug fix release

John Nagro immediately reported errors with the Spider Ruby gem, so I’ve fixed them in 0.2.1. You should upgrade, especially if you want support for: URLs without any path component (e.g. HTTP redirects. HTTPS. John also had some good ideas, so here is what is in the works: The ability to construct a complete […]

Coder for hire

Ah, the thrill of working for a Web startup: one day you think you might get an obscene raise; the next you discover that the company is out of business. And yet, I’m addicted to them. If you or someone you know needs a programmer for their Web startup (or any other job, really), I […]

An updated way to spider the Web with Ruby

I’ve released version 0.2.0 of Spider. Everything has changed: Use RSpec to ensure that it mostly works. Use WEBrick to create a small test server for additional testing. Completely re-do the API to prepare for future expansion. Add the ability to apply each URL to a series of custom allowed?-like matchers. BSD license. The new […]

Uberman sleep minder

I’ve been working on the uberman sleep schedule for the past week-and-a-half. Here the crontab I use to help remember to follow the schedule: This uses notify-send to display a DBus alert for about a five seconds. Three such alerts exist: one 30 minutes before I sleep, one 5 before, and one when I should […]