Correctly Handle OpenID Updates

OpenID is pretty well established as a login infrastructure, but a topic often ignored is correctly letting the user change his saved OpenID. Don’t just save the text they enter! Verify that they’ve entered their valid OpenID.

The user model needs to pass this test:

should_have_db_column :new_openid_identity, :type => 'string'

The view on /account/edit needs to pass this test:

context "logged in" do
  setup { session[:user_id] = Factory(:user).id }

  context "GET to edit" do
    setup { get :edit }

    should "have a form for their OpenID info" do
      assert_select 'form[action=?][method=post]', openid_path do
        assert_select 'input[type=hidden][name=_method][value=put]'
        assert_select 'input[type=text][name=?]',
        assert_select 'input[type=submit]'

And, most importantly, the OpenidsController needs to pass the test suite in gist 23084.

(All these tests assume FactoryGirl and Shoulda; re-write in RSpec or PyUnit or whatever as you see fit.)

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