Mentors Wanted

I’m something of an experienced Web developer. Ten years or so in Web programming in Perl, Scheme, Ruby, and dabbling in Haskell and Python. I’ve worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB; CSS, XHTML, and XML; MVC, client-server, and state-based.

Lately I have ideas that are bigger than what I know; these ideas are outside the Web. And I need knowledge help.

I have three projects that I would like a mentor for. These projects touch on niche technologies where I’d like to leave a mark and fully understand the implementations. If you are local (Bostonish) and available we should talk.

The projects need mentors for these concepts:

  • Google Android testing. Experience with integration testing and unit testing all aspects of Android development, including various kinds of Activities, Services, Preferences, and so on. This you and you’re local? Let me know or come find me at the next Boston Android hackfest.
  • GNOME or GTK development. Experience with writing a GTK app, using Glade, in either C, Python, or Haskell. Normal GNOME apps are most interesting, but I am also interested in writing panel applets. This you and you’re local? Let me know.
  • BitTorrent client and server. My most ambitious project to date involves applying BitTorrent to concepts it was not made for, but I need help thinking through and working with the protocol itself, and programming the client and server as needed. This you and you’re local? Let me know.
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