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Three Steps to Make GNOME3 Livable

Two places to make tweaks, then a whole bunch of extensions to install. In gconf (use gconf-editor): key path value /apps/mutter/general/overlay_key Menu /apps/mutter/general/workspaces_only_on_primary false /desktop/gnome/shell/windows/button_layout close: key path value In dconf (use dconf-editor): key path value true true org.gnome.desktop.interface.font-name Sans 11 org.gnome.desktop.interface.gtk-key-theme Emacs org.gnome.desktop.interface.automatic-mnemonics false key path value Extensions (install from GNOME Shell […]

timing-convenience, a Haskell package

I’ve been working on packages to make it easier to write in my favorite scripting language, Haskell. The first to make it on Hackage is timing-convenience. Install as usual: Then you can get the time three days ago: (See why I call it a scripting language? I’d like to see Perl be that obtuse!) I […]

Dynamic Class Methods in Ruby

Rails has a whole slew of class methods that really should be instance methods. The most notable of these methods is ActiveModel::Naming‘s model_name, which is a class method that is expected on every ActiveModel object (for example, it is expected by form_for). This code uses that as an example, but the pattern applies anywhere. If […]

Check your email into git using procmail

In this blog post you will see how I commit my email into git one message at a time, as it is delivered, using procmail. This is a simple three-step process: Write a program to commit an email to git. This is the shell script I use; I named it ~/.bin/commit-an-email . It constructs a […]

One big mutt inbox, filtered after-the-fact using procmail

This article shows how to configure mutt and procmail to drop all emails into one big inbox which is then filtered, after you’ve read the email, into a distinct mailbox. For example, emails from your friends, girlfriend(s), sysadmin, and bank all show up in your inbox; after reading each they are sent to =friends/, =romances/, […]

DatePreference, an Android library

Use this library if you want a DatePreference in your Android app.

Mentors Wanted

Lately I have ideas that are bigger than what I know; these ideas are outside the Web. And I need knowledge help.

Boston Android

I am co-running the local Boston Android programming group these days. Just so you know. Come hack code on Monday, August 23rd at the thoughtbot office.

What I want out of a Web framework

Haskell has a serious Not Invented Here problem where it comes to Web frameworks. Everyone is unhappy with what we have, but no honest features differ between the six or so out there. Let’s start with what I don’t care about: Speed Computer Science If I cared about these things—or if any other Web developer […]

An Infinite List of Fibonacci Numbers in Ruby

So I was reading through the Haskell Prelude when I stumbled across `scanl’ as a kind of abstraction over `foldl’. I stared, and thought, and stared some more, and couldn’t come up with a use for it; a quick Web search revealed exactly one use: Fibonacci numbers. (In retrospect: duh.) So here are all the […]