timing-convenience, a Haskell package

I’ve been working on packages to make it easier to write in my favorite scripting language, Haskell. The first to make it on Hackage is timing-convenience. Install as usual: Then you can get the time three days ago: (See why I call it a scripting language? I’d like to see Perl be that obtuse!) I […]

What I want out of a Web framework

Haskell has a serious Not Invented Here problem where it comes to Web frameworks. Everyone is unhappy with what we have, but no honest features differ between the six or so out there. Let’s start with what I don’t care about: Speed Computer Science If I cared about these things—or if any other Web developer […]

Powerset in Ruby Using the List Monad

While trying to think of good, quick interview questions I stumbled across power set (thanks to Mike DiStaula for suggesting it). After 10 minutes of hacking in Ruby I discovered that it’s not a reasonable replacement for our current starter question (it takes too long), but it’s also a fun problem to solve. Then I […]